Girls and summer, what else?

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We like to scratch each other's backs here at Oh Revoir. When a friend does something dope, we like to offer them a platform to showcase their work, and in turn, we hope that we can get our backs scratched for the dope shit we do every day.



Our dear friend, Cameron Pagett is certainly worthy of some praise. This December, Cameron premiered his debut show, “Girls & Summer”. The show, a culmination of 7 seven months of work, was a multidisciplinary event that intertwined his photo series of the same name with bands from LA’s vibrant music scene. The event was meant to provide commentary about youth culture and women in a changing cultural landscape as well as create an immersive space to experience his vision.



While the show in LA is over, Cameron is planning a similar endeavor for Copenhagen Photo Festival the first week of June and a date for New York is in the works. Cameron also has a private showing in LA this month, if interested you can email him here. Be sure to check out photos of the event below and follow him on his instagram here.



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